Story Fun on the Run

Our take-home story and craft kits offer an alternative to in-person storytimes

Story Fun on the Run is a craft and book kit developed as a way to allow children and their families to have a storytime experience at home while we are unable to provide in-person storytimes at our library locations.

The kits are developed for preschool-age children around a broad theme and consist of two picture books and materials for a craft to do at home related to the theme. Sample kit with bug theme pictured at right.

What do I need?

Patrons must have a Knox County Public Library card to check out the books included in the kit. Completing the craft might also require basic supplies such as scissors or glue. 

Participating locations

Subject to change and availability while supplies last. Please contact your location for the most up-to-date information.

Why are crafts important for preschoolers?

Preschool crafts aren’t just fun or cute, they also serve a purpose. Doing arts and crafts helps young children develop skills in many different areas:

  1. Creativity and imagination
  2. Physical development (fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination)
  3. Math concepts (shapes, counting, sorting, measuring)
  4. Self-esteem (pride in work, trying new things)
  5. Social/emotional development (patience, problem-solving, bonding/quality time)
  6. Literacy

Why does the library offer crafts?

Literacy is one of the library’s most important missions. Doing crafts helps a child in many developmental areas, including in acquiring and improving early literacy skills.

How does working on crafts help develop a child’s early literacy skills?

Time spent doing a craft may involve many aspects of early literacy, particularly in the area of language development. A child must learn to listen well as an adult presents the instructions for putting together a craft. They must practice sequencing to put the craft together in the correct order. As a child works on their craft or shows off their completed project they may discuss their work with others, which allows them to practice narrative skills. A child may learn new vocabulary during the crafting process. A craft related to a shared book also provides an opportunity to extend the story past the reading experience. All of these pieces work toward helping a child on the path to learning how to read.

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