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Reading Gargoyle

Get to know Knoxville's literary giants

We don't know about the literary heritage of other cities, but Knoxville seems to have an abundance of literary giants. Maybe it’s the deep shadows of Appalachia or the roaming rivers that inspire novelists and journalists alike.

Lawson McGhee Library

Library Seeks Marketing Intern

Knox County Public Library and its subsidiaries (i.e, East Tennessee History Center, Dolly Parton's Imagination of Knox County) are seeking an intern to help analyze best practices for program and service promotion with a focus on appropriate platforms and subject-level account creation, search e

Black-and-white image of the exterior of a shop with a sign "The MIdget Shoe Shop" above the door.  The sign is partially obscured by a lamp post. A 1920s automobile is parked on the street in front of the shop.

Midget Family Papers

The Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection's newly processed Midget Family Papers is a treasure trove of Knoxville and disability history. It tells the story of a Tennessee family who found success through entrepreneurship, hard work, and perseverance.