Yoga, Music, and More


Webb Robotics Teams | Science & Discovery Stage at 10:15 

Webb School has 3 robotics teams with everything from LEGO robots to large, 140lb robots.  Join these students for hands-on lessons and activities about robotics!

Go! Contemporary Dance Works under the direction of Lisa Hall McKee | Tennessee Ampitheatre Stage at 11:00 

The movement explores the history of the Appalachian people that migrated to the US from Ulster Plantation, Ireland. It will feature familiar Appalachian music including Wayfaring Stranger and In the Pines with dances to include coal miners, a porch party, mountain women and a schoolhouse scene.

Squirrel | Music Tent at 1:00 

Brinley, Lila, and Summit met as kids several years ago at School of Rock Knoxville and have performed together locally ever since.  When not playing music, they enjoy foraging for nuts and berries and frolicking with their woodland friends.  

Ajeet Khalsa | Dancing Spider Yoga | Storytellers Tent at 3:30

Festival-goers are invited to practice yoga designed for kiddos and kiddos at heart. Ajeet Khalsa is certified yoga instructor and trainer who specializes in Kundalini Yoga. She has recently published a coloring book called Color Me Yoga. Oiginally from Island Falls, Maine, Ajeet earned a Master's Degree in Visual and Performing Arts from Columbia University. She now makes Knoxville her home. 

Sarah Pirkle | Music Tent at 1:30 

Sarah is part of a husband-wife team who have been making music in East Tennessee for 20 years. Known to audiences for her Gospel / Americana styles and award-winning songwriting, she's now winning much younger audiences.

Erin Archer | Hands-on music making | Music Tent at 3:30 

A 30-minute, hands-on music session showcasing musical instruments, rhymes, song, dance and actions where parents and children can get involved in the fun!  We will be exploring steady beat, rhythm, pitch, movement, and literacy. The performance will tie in storytime at the end, with a musical touch! 

Erin has been teaching music in the Knoxville area for over 20 years. Erin has held several roles in the Knoxville area: youth orchestra conductor for the Knoxville Symphony, Suzuki violin, viola and early childhood educator, and freelance violinist/violist. She teaches Suzuki Early Childhood Education, a weekly music program for mixed ages (geared for newborns and toddlers through age 3). SECE builds on the child’s natural delight in learning, through rhyme, actions, instruments, and song, and lays the foundation for life-long learning —to create an environment for children, free from pressure, in which they can gain skills, a sense of purpose in life, an understanding of discipline, and an appreciation of beauty.

Alana Dellatan Seaton | Knoxville Music Therapy | Music Tent at 4:30 

Join Alana for an interactive music group experience with drums, songs, instrument play to learn how making music and singing music can support and encourage literacy skills, math skills, and motivate learning - all while having a super fun and silly time! No musical experience is required!

Alana is a master's level board-certified music therapist. Her 20+ years of experience and expertise include working with child development and developmental issues, Autism & sensory issues, parenting & attachment, family & sibling issues, and a wide range of mental health areas for children, adolescents, and adults. Her private practice, Knoxville Music Therapy, has offered East TN opportunities for music, healing, and connection since 2007 in individual, group, health care facility, and public-school environments.



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