In Search of Fort Sanders

In memory of Dr. Charles H. "Charlie" Faulkner, October 16, 1937–July 21, 2022

For years, the exact location of the Union Army Civil War encampment Fort Sanders has been the subject of much discussion and debate. Historians Dr. Charles and Terry Faulkner researched the site to determine where the perimeters of the fort stood and where the decisive 1863 battle took place. In addition to consulting historical documents, newspapers, and photographs, they excavated on the site and employed the latest mapping technology. In 2020, they published their findings in the book, Rediscovering Fort Sanders: The American Civil War and Its Impact on Knoxville's Cultural Landscape.

Filmmakers Bill and Melissa Sykes made a documentary about the Faulkners' painstaking research to locate the long since demolished structure. In Search of Fort Sanders is an invaluable companion to the book, illuminating the behind the scenes work that went into this historic project.

The film is made possible in partnership with the Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection and with financial support from Friends of the Knox County Public Library.