Read City Explorer Pass

Colorful Explorer Pass tickets.

Explore East Tennessee's cultural attractions with the help of your library card.

Our Read City Explorer Pass program allows Knox County Public Library cardholders to book a visit to an area museum or institution for free or reduced admission. (Requires an adult card in good standing.)

Simply reserve your visit below and receive an email confirmation with all the instructions you need. Please note that there are a limited number of reservations available at each institution, and we cannot guarantee availability. If no dates are available on the calendar, all passes have been reserved. New passes become available each week and may be booked up to six weeks in advance.

For each visit completed, every participant may log an hour in the Read City USA Oceans of Possibilities reading challenge!  

Reserving or using your Explorer Pass

Knox County Public Library cardholders with an adult card (that is not barred) may reserve an Explorer Pass. A full-access adult library card or a digital access card is acceptable. Reservations for children (ages 14 & under) must be made with an adult card.

Each participating institution determines its own age categories. If you have a question about where your child falls, please refer to the partner institution.

To reserve a pass at any of our partner institutions, follow these steps in the reservation form:

  1. Select the desired institution (or toggle to view what’s available by date by clicking View: By Date)
  2. Click “Details/Reserve”
  3. After reviewing the Pass Benefits, where any limits or restrictions will be noted, click “Reserve a Pass”
  4. Select an available date
  5. Input an adult library card number in good standing and click Continue
  6. Select an available pass
  7. Verify your name and email address
  8. Check “Agree” to terms and conditions
  9. Click Continue

An email confirmation will be sent to the address provided, with a link to the printable pass and information on what you may need to bring (such as photo ID or library card) to redeem your pass. Please note that the cardholder must be present to redeem the pass. 

Read City USA Explorer Passes may be reserved up to six weeks in advance. Please remember to cancel a reservation if you are unable to use it.

There is a limit of two passes per month per cardholder. (Reservations require an adult library card in good standing which you may be asked to show at the entrance.) Each participating institution may set additional pass restrictions such as one pass per year. Check the institution's limits by clicking on the Details/Reserve link in the reservation form.

If a pass cannot be used, the reservation should be canceled as soon as possible so others may have access to it. Follow the link at the bottom of the confirmation email you received when you made the reservation. If you are having trouble canceling the reservation yourself, please contact your nearest branch or Ask-a-Librarian.

Please keep in mind that once a pass has been printed it cannot be canceled. It will appear to have been redeemed and no one else can claim it. We suggest waiting until the day of your reservation, if possible, before printing your pass. 

Maybe. Follow the institution's instructions for admittance that are emailed with your pass reservation.

If you do not have a mobile device to show at entry and you cannot print your pass at home, you may send a print job via the web or email for pickup at any library location. There is no fee for printing an Explorer Pass. 

It depends. Each participating institution sets its discounts and benefits. Check out each institution's Pass Benefits by clicking on the Details/Reserve link in the reservation form.

Maybe. On the Explorer Pass reservation form, click "Details/Reserve" under each institution to read the benefits and requirements of the pass. Most of our passes provide free admission, but some passes may provide a free child admission with the purchase of an adult admission. Other passes may provide reduced admission. Special events or exhibitions may require a separate purchase. Check each institution's website for information about parking or other amenities for purchase.

Apply at Lawson McGhee Library or any branch library with name and address verification. Read more.

Want to know more about Read City USA?

Led by Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, Read City USA is a collaborative initiative to help all Knox County children learn to read early and well. Community-wide reading challenges help demonstrate that literacy is a priority to our community. Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to receive the latest news.