Science with Dr. Al Hazari

Dr. Al Hazari

Join us for a fun-filled exploration of STEM disciplines! 

Dr. Al Hazari with sizzling science!  Appearances:  11:15, 1:15, & 3:00 

When he’s not doing serious chemistry work, Dr. Hazari dons his colorful lab coat and goofy goggles to bring the fun and wonder of science to kids of all ages. Join this kid-friendly chemist as he demonstrates jaw-dropping, mind-bending, awe-inspiring experiments in front of your very eyes. Be prepared – you may become part of the experiment!

Now retired as Director of Labs at the University of Tennessee Knoxvillle, he isn't slowing down. Dr. Hazari works with science teachers in the region and has been a mainstay at the Festival for years. We're excited to have him back and to see what kind of bubbles and smoke he will conjure before a live audience. 

Other performances on the Science & Discovery Stage include: 

  • Webb School Robotics Team - Appearance at 10:15

Webb School has 3 robotics teams with everything from LEGO robots to large, 140lb robots.  Join these students for hands-on lessons and activities about robotics!

  • CRRAFT - robotics for preschoolers! Appearance: 12:15 

The Culturally Relevant Robotics: A Family and Teacher (CRRAFT) Partnership brings families, educators, community leaders, and researchers together to promote preschooler’s understanding and sense of belonging in computer science. Come learn how young children can benefit from educational robotics and experience some “unplugged” activities you can try at home!

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