Gale Presents: Udemy

Gale Presents Udemy

An online learning platform for adults who want to improve work-related skills or further develop a personal interest. Users can search through thousands of continuously updated, on-demand video courses across 75 categories, the top content curated from the marketplace.

Courses are taught by native speakers in 12 languages.

Popular categories include:

  • Personal development, arts & creativity, health & fitness, life skills
  • Language learning for English, German, French, Spanish, and more
  • Business, leadership, communication, marketing, management, productivity
  • Computer science, data science, IT, development, UX design, cybersecurity

Register an account

After authorizing with your library card number and password, you will reach Gale Presents: Udemy, then use the Sign In/Create a Udemy Account button. Your personal Udemy account is required to keep track of your learning. You are using the Library's licensed access and should not be charged a fee any time you use the library's access for Gale Presents: Udemy.

Your account options are:

  • Sign in with Microsoft or Google, or
  • Create a Gale User Account based on email/password (scroll to the bottom for the "sign up" link)

You will be prompted to verify that you are 13 years old the first time you sign in.

Previous Udemy users

If you have used Udemy before, the Gale Presents platform for Udemy Business will not re-connect you to your previous user account. Udemy Business and regular Udemy personal accounts are completely separate and will have separate learning pathways and histories.

Mobile app

Gale Presents: Udemy accounts are supported in the Udemy Business mobile app (Apple App, Android). The site works well in a web browser without the app, but in the app you can download lessons for offline playback.

In your app store, find Udemy Business and install. When you open the app, you are prompted to fill in an organization name in a blank; fill in "gale" so that the organization's account name appears as "" and then tap Next. Select the public library organization type, and search using knox as your word. Select Knox County Public Library. Respond to prompts for your library card number and password, if shown.

Read about Register an account, above. If you are connecting to an account you already created through Gale Presents: Udemy, continue as usual. Otherwise, register a Udemy account (scroll to the bottom for the "sign up" link) and verify your email address.

Optional security measures are presented but you may continue without them.

See also Udemy App Quick Start (PDF)