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 ProQuest Library Edition

Thousands of historical newspapers from the early 1700s into the 2000s. Contains full runs and portions of runs, from well-known regional and state titles to small local newspapers in the United States and other countries. Invaluable for researchers, historians, genealogists, teachers and students. Ongoing updates with new content continually being added.


"In-State (TEL)" – In Tennessee, you can use it without a library account; content includes newspapers in the Southeast USA

"Access" button – If you have a KCPL account, you can sign in from anywhere; content includes newspapers across all regions of the USA

Tracking your research

Register a personal account in the product before trying to use the Clip feature.

Clips are public by default, but you can "edit" to make a clip private.

You might enjoy searching "Everyone's Clippings" to see what people have found before you. Try something famous, like "Elvis Presley" or haymarket massacre. The clippings that you find can be difficult to see, so click the clip for the full resolution image, then use the share button to download the JPG image (which allows you to zoom in).

If you select a region within a page to save or download, you might be making a public clipping without intending to. Check your clippings at the end of your session and see if there are some you do not want to remain public; your account name is revealed on your public clippings.

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