Interlibrary loan

The interlibrary loan (ILL) service uses ILLiad software to manage requests. Your requests must be submitted through ILLiad. (We do not accept paper requests).

You may submit up to three (3) interlibrary loan requests at a time if your Knox County library card is in good standing. There is no charge for this service. However, sometimes we cannot locate a requested item for free from lenders. In those cases, we will ask if you are willing to pay a fee to borrow the item.

Interlibrary loan services are for items not owned by Knox County Public Library. Requests for items that are checked out or items with long hold lists will not be filled. However, if an item in our collection is marked ‘Lost’ or is overdue more than 30 days and there is no plan to purchase a replacement, we can request it from another library.

If we own an item but not in the desired format, you can request it through ILL. For example, if you need a book in Large Print and we don't own it in that format, ILL can try to get it for you.

E-books, e-audiobooks, or computer software are not eligible to borrow through ILL.

Recent editions of textbooks are not eligible for ILL. It may be possible to borrow older editions. However, you must abide by the loan period specified by the lending library (usually 3-5 weeks). Textbooks cannot be borrowed for entire semesters.

Items must be at least six (6) months old before we can request them from other libraries. You may suggest a purchase of new items for the collection; sign in to your account to submit a suggestion.

You can request the same title no more than twice in a 12-month period.

With few exceptions, ILL staff cannot fill requests for items held in our McClung collection, including rare books or genealogy items. Please visit the McClung collection to access these items.

Children’s accounts may only be used to request children’s items; parents or guardians must borrow adult items through their own account.

Patrons with a teacher’s card may set up 2 ILLiad accounts, one per card number. As per our teacher's cards policy, only items pertaining to children’s education may be requested on a teacher's card.

Patrons who have a temporary address may request one (1) ILL at a time for in-library use only, and no audiovisual items will be loaned. A valid form of contact must be provided (not the shelter phone number). If the library card expires, the ILLiad account expires also.

Lost or damaged items

You have 30 days to dispute errors or charges to your account. Any charges associated with any item, such as loss or damage, will be passed on to you. These charges may include processing fees from the lending library.

Please do not bring in a substitute copy for items that are lost or damaged. The lending library determines the cost and fees for lost or damaged items and those charges are passed on to you.

If you find a missing item and we have already sent payment for it, you may keep it; we will not issue a refund. You are still responsible for paying any fees associated with the item, which will remain on your account until paid.