Knoxville News Sentinel historical archive on NewsBank


Full page images of the historical newspaper archives for the dates 1922–1990 were funded through generous donations to the Library Foundation's "From Papers to Pixels" campaign.

Understanding the databases

The collection of Knoxville News Sentinel are three databases with full-page views of the newspaper. The databases trace changes in the name of the newspaper.

All text is searchable but only as “All Text,” not as headline, author/byline, etc. All the words within a page will be a potential match for your search terms, not the words within an article.


If you are unsure of the spelling of your search word, use a wildcard symbol:

  • Use the question mark in place of single letters—WOM?N will search for items containing woman or women
  • Use the asterisk in place of multiple letters—ENVIRONMENT* will find environment, environmentalism, environmentalists, etc.
  • khru*ev will find Khrushchev—a great help for spelling a tough name.

If you want to search for an exact phrase, enclose it in quotation marks. Unfortunately, this does require exact spelling and punctuation, no wildcards. For example, "wom?ns basketball" will result in no articles found, "womens basketball" finds some articles, but "women's basketball" returns the most articles.

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