Knoxville News Sentinel on ProQuest, 1887 to recent

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The Knoxville News Sentinel, under variations in the title, is among the newspapers provided by the Tennessee Electronic Library.

The newspaper is digitized at the page level. This means that the full-page image is run through OCR and the full page of content is stored in its entirety as one entity. When you search, each match is a page of the newspaper, and the link for each match is the date and page number. When you select one, the entire page of content is displayed with the search term highlighted.

If you select "Browse this issue", you view the page within a browsing interface optimized for page-level newspaper content. A scrolling thumbnail section at the bottom of the screen lets you quickly skim through a newspaper issue. Zooming, aspect ratio, rotating, and downloading are available from the menu. Pages downloaded from this view will be .jpg_ images and not .pdf files. You can open the downloaded images in editing software (such as Paint or Paint 3D) to crop and save clippings, but you might first need to change the filename extension from .jpg_ to .jpg.


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