Value Line Investment Survey


Use Value Line to:

  • Evaluate stocks via proprietary analyst grading and rating of factors such as risk and probable performance relative to other stocks
  • Quickly find the most recently updated stock reports and rating changes 
  • Screen for stocks using preset criteria or create your own from hundreds of possible factors
  • Read expert, proprietary analyst commentary on individual stocks, industry segments, and market performance


Search in the Dashboard:

  • Search for articles using the “Search our site” box
  • Search for companies in the quote box by typing a company name or symbol, with auto-suggest matches

Customize your stock report:

  • Drag the top bar of each component to move it elsewhere
  • Use the controls on the same bar to narrow, expand or hide the component
  • Use the floating tab on the right edge of the report to expand a list of components that are shown or hidden
  • Download a report on an individual stock using the PDF Reports link in the upper right corner of the company page

Explore reports from the Quick Links area:

  • VLIS Current Issue: Recent commentary updates for individual stocks
  • Summary & Index: A multi-page listing of Stocks and Industries listed alphabetically within tables with essential summary information
  • Selection & Opinion: Expert analysis of the stock market and model portfolios in newsletter format
  • SMC Summary & Index: Small and Mid-Cap stocks
  • Greyed-out options are not available through the library’s subscription

Learn more:

Use the Investment Education tab to view instructional videos and articles.

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