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Deposition of Mary Jane Robison

Jesse and Susan Hinton

“…I knew him [Jesse] well as he was great friends with my husband [James Greenway].  He said he had a wife and some children back in Carolina and he intended, if he ever could, to go back to them.  He wouldn’t pay attention to any other woman though he was a good-looking young fellow, and the gir

Mayor Glenn Jacobs wears a fringed frontier jacket with a costume bear character

Read City Adventure Begins

With 500+ kids screaming at the top of their lungs, you’d think the Beatles were in the house—or Taylor Swift. The enthusiasm was real, but the star of the show was books and reading.

DD214 Veteran Stories Wordmark

DD-214 Veteran Story: Edward Joseph Boling

Edward Joseph Boling was born to Samuel Riley Boling and Nerissa Clark Boling on February 19, 1922, in Sevier County. By 1930, his family moved to Knoxville, and as a high schooler, he worked as an usher at a local theater.

DD214 Veteran Stories Wordmark

DD-214 Veteran Story: Evelyn Darst Belmont

Evelyn Darst was born to Guy Darst and Blanche Allison Darst on April 22, 1919, in Knoxville. She graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1940, where she was the first woman editor of the Tennessee Volunteer, the school’s yearbook.

DD214 Veteran Stories Wordmark

DD-214 Veteran Story: Marvin Gerald Krieger

Marvin Gerald Krieger was born to Abraham and Pauline Krieger on July 31, 1920, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Abraham moved the family to Knoxville when he joined the Tennessee Valley Authority as a civil engineer.

DD214 Veteran Stories Wordmark

DD-214 Veteran Story: Aubrey Lee Totten

Aubrey Lee Totten was born to Riley Totten and Anna Scales Totten on December 5, 1906, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Aubrey moved to Knoxville sometime in the 1930s. On September 11, 1940, he married Knoxville-native Annetha Vineyard.

Carl and Pearl Butler

They Sang What They Lived: Carl and Pearl Butler

They Sang What They Lived: The Story of Carl and Pearl Butler is the first retrospective exhibition of the iconic country music duo whose timeless lyrics and harmonious melodies left an indelible mark on country music.
Front and back of a cabinet card. Front has portrait of young child.

Erskine-Williams photo album

     The Erskine-Williams photograph album of unidentified Black portraiture at the Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection contains more than 30 portraits, mostly cabinet cards of well-dressed men and women, as well as a few tintypes and cartes de-visite.

Jane Merchant

What about Jane?

Knoxville likes to flaunt her literary giants -- and rightly so. After all, what other town our size can claim a significant handful of Pulitzer Prize- winning writers and an Oscar nod or two? We do have a lot to gloat about.